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Remarkable caves of Sitia

Caves are special and distinctive ecosystems because of their stable and close environment which makes them vulnerable to every alteration they go through. Lots of animal organisms live in the caves adapting perfectly to their environment.

It is the main habitat for bats Trogloxena, meaning organisms which are fed outside the caves and visit them occasionally (mice) and lots of other species that cannot easily be met Trogofila, meaning species which have adapted to the environment of the caves and live inside them but can be seen outside as well in similar habitats and there are the Troglovia, organisms that have developed special skills and techniques in order to live exclusively in the caves.

Apart from their biodiversity, caves and especially those in the form of cave and gulch are the most important collectors of rainwater which is drained in the sources and wells of Sitia and they are also of historical and archaeological value.

There are hundreds of big and small caves in Sitia. For example, the caves in the region of the former municipality of Itanos are over 90 lots of which remain unexplored. Some of them are:


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