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Our interest in avifauna in the northeast edge focuses on the Dionysades islands and Elasa where can be found enough evidence and spots as the Greek Ornithological Society has been recording useful facts for the last few years. The falcon Mauropetritis or else Eleonora’s falcon Falco eleonorae nests on the Dionysades islands in a percentage of approximately 15% of its worldwide population.

The Dionysades islands is an isolated island complex, low in vegetation and steep rocky formations. Because of its geographical position it is a very important station for migratory birds, which are in turn possible food for the newborn falcons (Mauropetritis). It is also a superb hunting place for the birds that nest on the island.

The most significant species that nest or have been observed in the area and they are also under protection are the following:

Egretta garzetta (Lefkotsiknias), Calonectris diomedea  (Artemis) Phalacrocorax aristotelis  (Thalassokorakas), Hydrobates pelagicus (Edrobates), Circus aeruginosus (Kalamokirkos),   Falco naumanni  (Kirkinezi),  Larus audiouinii (Aigaioglaros), Crex crex (Ortykomana), Lanius senator (Kokkinokefalos), Oenanthe hispanica  (Asprokola).

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