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Biodiversity, according to the Greek legislation,  in the relevant statute for the Preservation of Biodiversity, is defined as “Biological variety” or else “biodiversity” is the variety of living organisms of every origin, including land, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and ecological complexes, which they are part of.”


Biodiversity in Eastern Crete

In general, both the landscape and biodiversity of Eastern Crete differs slightly from the rest of the island. Some of the climate characteristics as well as the special morphology and the bas relief of the landscape along with the minimum possible disturbance caused by the unregulated tourism development in the rest…

Biodiversity in Crete

Crete lies in the centre of Eastern Mediterranean basin. Its length is 260 kilometres and there are small and bigger islands all around it, which function as arks for the endemic species of flora and fauna. Crete is one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean but it is very different from the other ones in terms of…


Biodiversity in Greece

The environment in Greece has exceptional variety and rare biodiversity, which classifies Greece first among the other member states of European Union. There are 30 – 50.000 kinds of fauna. Greece also has the largest population of fish fauna in fresh water in the Mediterranean and more than 400 kinds of birds…

The purpose of nature is not to perpetuate the human kind

but to ensure the biodiversity of the species. 


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ESPA 2007 - 2013

The website for the biodiversity of  Sitia founded by ESPA 2007-2013 project.

The aim of the new  biodiversity website is to highlight the unique natural wealth and beauty of  Sitia, through a collection of rich and rare  photographs.

Sitia’s biodiversity is really awesome. You can find unique species worldwide.

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Mayor comments

Through the new website of the Municipality of Sitia want to highlight the rich flora and fauna of our country, a place blessed by nature and God.

With many unique pan-European birds and plants with amazing natural landscapes and rare habitats and wetlands.

Navigate to our new website and discover the rich animal and plant kingdom of Sitia through a rare photographic material that will surely amaze you.

 Mayor of  Sitia
Mayor of SitiaSitia 2013
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